Take your data center into the future.
99% of our data center solutions are tailored to meet our customer’s needs and business outcomes. Future-ready, standards-based data center solutions from TechNEXA leverage your current technology while seamlessly incorporating innovations to your needs by:

  • Eliminating redundancy and unify management
  • Accelerating IT service delivery
  • Reducing operation costs while increasing performance
We are the experts in data center services.

Traditional data centers were not built to keep pace with the rise of cloud computing, edge and high -performance computing or address the risk landscape. Organizations need data center infrastructure to meet the demands 24×7 x365.
We help you transform your data center network by modernizing your technology, automating your operations, and reviewing and adjusting your financial and ingesting models – all while ensuring greater data security and sustainability.

Benefits of Data Center Solutions by TechNEXA

A combined environment means a smaller network and application infrastructure. As a result, businesses need less hardware, including costly items like servers, routers, and other devices. A reduction in servers likely means regulating on a few critical software applications, allowing companies to decrease operations costs.

Merging promotes several avenues to optimization, like transport. With a more centralized approach, there are fewer flows to monitor, the architecture is more forthright and easier to control, and traffic patterns and volumes are more visible and clearly defined. Consolidation offers the option to deploy more advanced protocols and management strategies that maximize bandwidth utilization and performance of the network, but without straining the network and its applications.

Consolidation means some locations will be eliminated altogether, and others will see reductions in size and scope. With fewer sites and assets to manage, the task of physically securing the enterprise becomes far easier, less costly, and requires fewer resources. Likewise, more compact enterprise architecture relies on fewer connections between facilities. Simplifying transport layer connectivity sharpens the focus and effectiveness of information security.

With data center consolidation, the planning, implementation, and execution of disaster recovery solutions are less daunting because all the vital components are in one place, easing replication and failover initiation.

Data center consolidation supports compliance efforts on two fronts. First, it promotes process and system automation, which takes the human out of the loop and captures the procedures and functions that must be executed to remain in lockstep with relevant policies, regulations, standards, and quality of service metrics.

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