Configure SLA Notifications with TechNEXA
SLA sends notifications at certain events with a workflow. The system works in the following manner:

  • The administrator configures a communication template for SLA breach.
  • When an SLA is at risk, the system sends a notification to the phone number of the analyst who is associated with the ticket.
  • The analyst hears the notification and selects a response.
  • The system uses the response to executing a workflow action on the related ticket.
Benefits of SLA Notifications

You can use activities as data sources for other activities. TechNexa will analyse Activities in the current workflow that output data.

TechNexa will manage workflow activities appropriate for the selected workflow as business required.

TechNexa will take care Orchestration activity packs and Customise activities and workflows that you scope also appear as packs.

We will orchestrate custom activities for you.

By default, SLA notifications are sent on three occasions:
  • SLA is at 50% of the duration specified in the SLA Definition
  • SLA is at 75% of the duration specified in the SLA Definition
  • SLA is breached

SLA notifications are typically only sent to the user the incident is assigned to However, when the SLA is breached, notifications are sent to the user the incident is assigned to and their manager.

Our team is fully trained and have experience handling SLA for wide range of services also having experience in 3rd line and 2nd line.

If you have a unique demand or requirement for SLA Notification then we are here cater to your needs.

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